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Orange zest, Thyme and Rose Body Scrub

This wonderful combination of orange zest, thyme and rose along with almond meal and oatmeal is a great exfoliating body scrub that can be used instead of a loofah on the skin. It is wonderfully aromatic, mild and satisfying to the skin.

To use: Just before showering, rub the scrub gently onto damp skin, avoiding any tender areas such as the face, then shower off or rinse with cool water.


  • Peel or zest of two oranges
  • Old fashioned oats
  • Dry thyme
  • Dry rose petals
  • Almond meal
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring table spoon
  • Coffee grinder or spice grinder
  • Storage jar with tight fitting lid
  • Labels

Directions: Using a vegetable peeler, remove the skin of two oranges. Cut into thin strips.

Place the orange peels on a paper towel and place on a microwave safe plate and at half power microwave for one or two minutes adding 30 seconds until the orange peels are crisp and brittle.

Hint: Stir after each microwave time to stop burning of orange peels in the middle.

Grind the orange peels in a spice grinder until fine.  Grind rest of ingredients, using the coffee grinder, until each achieved a flour like consistency.

Grinding orange peel

Grind orange peel to a fine powder

Measure out 1 cup oat flour, 3 Tbsp. rose petals, 3 Tbsp. almond meal, 1 Tbsp. thyme and 1 Tbsp.  orange peel.  Thoroughly mix and add to an airtight jar and label.

Grind rose buds

Rose petals and rose buds in grinder

Note: Almond meal can be purchased or grind chopped or slivered almonds.

almond  meal

almond meal

Orange zest and Oatmeal will soften, cleanse and heal the skin, leaving a wonderful feeling after each use of the orange zest, thyme, and rose body scrub.

Almond is good for dry skin and those rough patches we get in the winter.

Thyme will stimulate circulation, and is an astringent. Rose petals will soothe and perfume the skin, and is especially good for mature and sensitive skins.

body scrub ingredients

Mixture of ingredients for body scrub

Be sure and check for allergic reactions before using any body product. Just add a small amount to the underside of the arm and leave on for several hours. If no redness occurs you properly will not have any allergic reactions.

Finished body scrub

Finished body scrub

Optional: Add essential oils of your choice, some options might include lavender for a cooling, relaxing scent, lemon for a fresh citrus scent, or patchouli for a stimulating, musky scent and is considered rejuvenating to the skin. Add just a few drops of essential oil to the scrub and mix thoroughly. This scrub can also be mixed with almond oil and used within two days. Add about a Tbsp of sweet almond oil to each 2 Tbsp. of scrub.

If giving as a gift, add a label with the directions for use, and decorate as desired.