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A to Z of Herbal Remedies-Why most herbalist use herbs

Today and every Monday, I am starting a new series on herbal remedies for everyday problems. Folk remedies for anti-aging, arthritis, acne, and aches and pains are just a few topics this blog will covered. A to Z.

The remedies mentioned in this blog at any time are for the traditional, historical and folk uses of herbs. Always consult your health care professional before trying any herbal remedy especially for the first time. Some herbs may react with your medication and some people may have allergic reactions.

Today as well as yesterday, families created simple cures at home for a a variety of common ailments. With the advance of medicine, as a culture we have allowed our home remedies to lapse in favor of conventional treatments. But the popularity of herbs is coming back with a vengeance.

As a culture we go to the doctor for the simplest thing and the emergency rooms are filled. Learning to use herbs, we could treat many common ailments at home. And with the new health care laws who knows what going to happen in the future.

We add chemicals to our body and we saturate our liver and other organs and they can become overworked. Herbs are usually safer and don’t require a prescription, at least not yet.

Doctors are needed in our lives to help us to decide the best course of action for our health. Knowing what is wrong can help in this decision making process and what steps to take. Herbal medicine and conventional medicine can go hand in hand.

Break a leg, and you need a health care professional to treat your leg.  But if I get a cold, with knowledge I can treat it my self. With a little research and study you might the solution to common ailments. Learn the properties of herbs before using them, check their cautions and if they have any side effects. What has worked in the past, works today for the most part.

Interest in herbal medicine is soaring and more and more people want to take charge of their health and are checking out the therapeutic value of herbs. Herbs don’t change over the year, just the information and research. More and more research have been and is being conducted all over the world in the use of herbs.

Growing our own herbs in our home gardnes have gain in popularity, in fact gardens of all kinds are popping up everywhere. I think many of us are tied of our vegetables ect. traveling such long distances before reaching our supermarket shelves.

Cooking shows are using herbs in many of their dishes, and it seems almost every recipe contains some herb. Go to your local farmer’s markets and usually will find a vendor selling herbs.

There are dozens of ways of using herbs medicinally and in this series I will try and explain them.

What is an infusion?

An infusion is prepared like a tea and is used for herb leaves and flowers that easily give up there medical properties. When making an infusion it is better to use glass, china, or enamel teapot with a lid. Use pure water such as distilled or bottle mineral water. Most ‘city’ water contains chemicals which may inhibit the medicinal properties of the herb, such as water with a high lime content.

Use about 1/2 c. fresh herb (dried half of the amount) to a pot of tea. (about 2 cups of water)

Pour almost or boiling water that has stopped boiling over the herb, cover and allow to steep about 10 minutes. Stain and drink. Honey can be added for flavor and added health benefits.

Most medicinal teas are taken about 3 times a day. Store the remainder in a cool place.