Hi my name is Sharon K and this is my first blog, and I still have tons to learn about setting up my blog. I love sharing information about herbs so I wanted to share my love of herbs.

I hope it will be as fun for you and I hope it will be for me. I have been studying, growing and using herbs for over 20 years. At one time I had over 200 herbs planted in my gardens. I have since moved and starting over. We now have vegetable garden, which we are converting slowing to raised beds.

Most of my herbs are in short raised begs about one block deep. In the soil in my yard, this makes since because most herbs don’t like wet feet. I also grow shade lovers such as Hostas. I have a lot of shade which can be a challenge when growing herbs and vegetables.

Each year I add to my herb and this year I am plan on growing vegetables I have never tried before.

One of my main focus in planting this year will be companion planting, adding herbs with my vegetables to help combat pests.

For years I have been teaching, learning and lecturing about herbs, in fact my first talk was on Civil War herbs, which I spent a lot of time researching the subject. Boy was I nervous, but I was hook.

I hope with this blog we will learn together. Even though I have been researching, talking and writing about herbs for a number of years this will be a journey for both of us.

Sharon K

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